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Gallery arrow  Asia - Uzbekistan - Ayaz Kala
Soviet-style sign by the road
vast plains in the Kyzylkum desert
Ayaz Kala's fortresses from afar
Ayaz Kala 2 with Ayaz Kala 1 on high in the back
Ayaz Kala 1
Dry grounds. Nomad camp in the background
Stairs up to Ayaz Kala 1
The nomad camp nearby. We didn't stay.
Remains of thick walls
Archways between inner and outer walls of Ayaz Kala 1
Vast plains
Nicely preserved wall
Overview of Ayaz kala 1
Ayaz Kala 2 seen from Ayaz Kala 1
Harmless graffity:)
Inside the nomad camp
Ayaz Kala 2 seen from Ayaz Kala 3
The gate to the complex
These sinkholes indicate chambers below
Not excavated yet
What's below?
Ayaz Kala 3, the lowest of three, a garrison fort
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