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Gallery arrow  Asia - Uzbekistan - Toshkent
Working on the city's parks and streets
Changing about US$200 gets you this much money!
Remainders of old Toshkent
Girl and grandfather
Stork capital
The Westminster Intl. Univeristy in Toshkent
Westminster Intl. University in Toshkent
Marble determines the look of Toshkent's senate
Two Uzbek ladies in front of Tashkent chimes
Senate building, Tashkent
Of course the Senate building needs to be clean and shiny...
Hotel Uzbekistan - a landmark in the city
Amir Timur statue and fountains
Amir Timur statue
Silver domes of Tashkent's Juma Mosque
Tunnel view
Chorsu Bazar (Eski Juva bozori)
Toshkent right after dawn
Barakhan Madrasah
Leaving the Khast Imom mosque after prayer
Mosque is out
Resting in the shade
Drinking fountain near mosque
Toshkent city of storks
Uzbek woodcarving
Uzbek rave girl!
Shadow plays in Toshkent residential area
Shadow plays in Toshkent residential area
Lady SuperSport
Toshkent Telegraf Telefon Stantsiyasi
Enjoying an afternoon in front of the circus
Horseriding in front of the circus
Toshkent circus
This Toshkent pedestrian path needs some reworking
The courtyard or our residence
Our temporary residence: a beautiful old Toshkent house
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