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Gallery arrow  Asia - Uzbekistan - Margilan
Restaurant in Margilan
Eating out during Ramazan after sunset
Breakfast in our homestay
Staying at the director's house
Space on the bonnet left...
Regular sight on Uzbek junctions
Taxi driver posing
Textile sold in front of Kuntepa bazaar, Margilan
Kuntepa bazaar
Beans? Anyone?
Preparing shashlik
Crowded Kuntepa bazaar
All kinds of delicacies at Kuntepa bazaar
Uzbek woman selling shawls
One price, twice as nice.
Shiny, flashy shawls
Veil decorations
Sales woman at Kuntepa bazaar
Boy at Kuntepa bazaar
Bread stamps
Shoddy china
Food stall at Kuntepa bazaar
Boy selling chain saws
Water hoses?
Ball bearings
Delicious bread!!
Uzbek woman at Kuntepa bazaar
Smokey shashlik
Girl washing hands at Kuntepa bazaar
Whole family waving
Having lunch outside Kuntepa bazaar
Baking bread the Uzbek way
"Phishing" for bread
Kuntepa bazaar
Old men admiring china
Woman with an Uzbek cradle
Shiny boots!
Even car parts are sold here
New and second hand tires (from Europe) are sold here
Please take a picture!
Fooling around at Kuntepa bazaar
Just bought a carpet
Uzbek woman
Delicious Uzbek bread
Boiling tea
Boys selling (and eating!) candy
Another Shashlik seller
Bought three melons, see?
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