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Gallery arrow  Asia - Kyrgyzstan - Kochkor
Bishkek to Kochkor
Truck with horses
Road along Orto Tokoy resevoir
Orto Tokoy resevoir
Road side of the A365 to Kochkor
Graveyard in the countryside
Kyrgyzstan countryside
1985 Mazda 626
Taxi to Kochkor homestay
Our Kochkor taxi: going back 25 years
Kochkor windows
Kochkor street
Garage out of use
Colourful houses in Kochkor. Our homestay
Family portrait
Homestay living room
Blue gates are standard in Kochkor
Kochkor suburb street
Lada's rear window heating for warm hands when pushing...
A coffee in a local bar
Main street in Kochkor
Kochkor private transportation
Water melons being unloaded
Market square
Kochkor composition
Gangster pose
Blue Kochkor gates
Beyond the gates...
Kochkor mountains
Lady in the streets of Kochkor
Street life in Kochkor
Three children pose in Kochkor
Lock your gate!
Our homestay
Wash you hands!
Private garden
Breakfast in Kochkor!!
Sweet pancakes and more for breakfast
Interior door ajar
Our house mate
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