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Gallery arrow  Asia - Kyrgyzstan - Jeti Ögüz rocks
The road to Jeti Ögüz rock formations
I'm a lonesome coyboy...
Horse-drawn cart with hay
Two Kyrgyz children playing in the fields
The Jeti Ögüz rock formations' contrast starkly with the lush surroundings
Fantastic panorama from the top
Enjoying the view...
Lady and boy on donkey
Black cow on red background
Herd of cows in the area
Two boys on a donkey
Butterfly and ants
Cows walking back home
Coming home...
Fetching water
Hanging the loundry
Kyrgyz lady in front of her home
Dog watching over the home
Cow and calf in front of red stone facade
Little calf
Inscriptions in the stone facade
Two brothers on a horse coming home
Cosy interior of the tent
Two friendly brothers receive us in their home
Group picture with hospitable Kyrgyz brothers
Central stove and kitchen
Chicken allowed inside
Delicious Kyrgyz food!
Chimney? Shrine?
Moon, bird, facade
A herd of sheep on the hill side
Unexpected colours
Red and green landscape
Purple thistle in dry grounds
Steep rock walls
After a nice hike
Little creek
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