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Gallery arrow  Asia - Kyrgyzstan - Jeti Ögüz resort & around
Jeti Ögüz rock formations behind the resort
Children playing on the Jeti Ögüz resort grounds
Wild stream
Two happy girls
Mountain range silhouettes
Old men in the resort
The Jeti Örgüz resort
The iron reception lady showing us our "room".
Time schedule for patients
The resorts' staircase
The emtramce to our humble residence
It was cooooold!
Excellent facilities in Jeti Ögüz resort
In the morning it was all worth it
Horses around Jeti Örgüz
Behind the resort
Interesting construction for power cable supports
Colourful shed
Black beauty?
Traditional yurt behind the resort
Two birds
Horses behind the resort
Kyrgyz girl with a pony
Old Kyrgyz woman
Kyrgyz lady herding the horses?
Kyrgyz turkey
Glory long-gone in Jeti Ögüz resort
Once a cosy bench
Three Kyrgyz ladies
Car heritage in Kyrgyzstan (Karakol)
Country side house scene
Rural living outside Karakol
Jeti Ögüz resort location
Growing potatoes in your back yard
Traditional Kyrgyz yurts
Corridor of Jeti Ögüz resort
Changing rooms?
Treatment bench
What the hack is being done on this bench???
The "swimming pool" with water from the thermal springs
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