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Gallery arrow  Asia - Kyrgyzstan - Bishkek
Flying from Tashkent to Bishkek
Approaching Bishkek
Lenin leading the way
Colourful sky over Bishkek
Kyrgyz flag in Bishkek
Kyrgyz urban dweller in Bishkek
Kyrgyz Telekom in Bishkek
Common pavement in Bishkek, mind your step!
Pimp my Lada!
Arches by Chuy avenue, near Ala-Too square
Fountains on Ala-Too square
Old lady in Bishkek
4 girls on Ala-Too square
The Statue of Liberty and National History Museum, Bishkek
The white house (presidential palace)
The elsewhere severely damaged fence around the presidential palace
Old Russian truck and school girl
The statue of liberty, Bishkek
Ala-Too Meydani (square)
Bullet holes near presidential palace, when Bakiyev was put off
Relaxing in our appartment
View from Ala-Too square on Ala-Too mountains
Bishkek's Ala-Too square at night
Ala Too square
Russian orthodox square
Window in Russian Orthodox church
Door decoration on Russian orthodox church
Women praying in Russian orthodox church
Preparing the flowers
Old russian truck
Tractor in the streets of Bishkek
Kyrgyz Economic University
Spartak Stadium, Bishkek
Bishkek street sign
One of Bishkek's many anachronisms
Old men drinking tea
Bishkek city trolley bus
Old remnants of communism
Graffity in Bishkek
Bishkek's grotesque but interesting National History Museum
Warriors on horse
National garde
New hose required
Kyrgyz International University in front of the Philarmony
Kyrgyz International University windows
KGB Lada Niva
Spartak Stadium gates
Street near Spartak stadium
Three of thousends of 5 series from western Europe
"We fought for communism" war monument
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