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Gallery arrow  Asia - Nepal - Bhaktapur
Transporting some grass
Old lady looking out of the window
Nepali children in Bhaktapur
Young Nepali woman and dog
Woman getting water
Women chatting in streets of Bhaktapur
Mother and child
Woman spinning
Women in the street
Blue curtains hanging from traditionally decorated Bhaktapur window
Water well overgrown with ferns
Dog and dog owner
Bhaktapur facade
Mother and 2 little girls coming home from school
Bicycle in Bhatapur streets
Girl getting water from old brig well
Child in the streets of Bhaktapur
Nepali flower parade
Bhaktapur street life
Nepali girl with make-up
Synchronous working
Bhaktapur alley
Laundry hanging from building
Old lady addressing people in the street
We should have been sitting mirrored, colourwise
Selling plastic utensils
Strong girl getting water for washing
Old nepali lady
Chatting with an old man
School boys
Doing laundry
Chicken on a shoe
Old Volvo in Bhaktapur
Girl getting drinking water
Prayer wheels in Bhaktapur
Buddhist prayer site in Bhaktapur
Handicrafts in Bhaktapur
Observing man
Nepali school girls
Women distributing water
Best video centre of Bhaktapur
Little girl in the street
Tree old men
Four old ladies
Square in Bhaktapur
Looking through a gate onto a square
Tow young nepali women
Tiny shop in Bhaktapur
Talking with a school girl
Thee old men
A family on a square
Nepali architecture
Man with white feet resting
Elderly man resting
Up to the sanctuary
Street vendor
Large square in Bhaktapur
Gate at exit of Bhaktapur
Two elephants
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