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Gallery arrow  Asia - Nepal - Kathmandu, walking tour
Cyclist in Kathmandu
Nice hair...
Selling pineapple juice
Selling eggs in the streets
Reading the paper in the street
Street view Kathmandu
Selling fruit
Construction worker
Tea shop in Kathmandu
Fitting knitted hats
The knitter and her husband
Carved stone
Temple door with statues
Riksja in Kathmandu
School children in the streets
Elderly woman napping on balcony
Oil lamps
Bamboo scaffolding around a stupa
School kid posing
Pigeons picking a goddesses head
Stars in balcony
School children playing
School children playing with the camera
An old wooden house in Kathmandu
Poor electricions in Nepal
They can even repair people!
Lucky coins (or so)
Selling vegetables
They might not repair people, but anything else!
One of the nicer façades
Family in Kathmandu
Old lady waiting in Kathmandu
Nepalese women shopping
Market vendor
Nepalese man
Oil lamps at temple
Is this possible?
Prayer wheels
Discussing daily matters
Buckets for sale?
Little copper/ bronze statue
Lion statue
Fabrics in any colour
Interesting bicycle
Painting hands
Kathmandu windows
Selling flowers in the streets
Little kids in the streets of Kathmandu
Looking inside
Piling card board on your head
In the garden of our hotel, Ganesh Himal
The oldest house in Kathmandu
Selling fruit
Flutes for sale
Old Nepalese man at his shop
Old lady begging
Gas delivery by bicycle
Kathmandu alley
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