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Gallery arrow  Asia - Tibet - Mt. Everest to Nyalam
Boy opening the gate
Layered peaks
Tibetan man with bicycle
Rough Tibetan highlands
Tibetan village
Village at ca 5000 m.
School kids relaxing
Lock smith?
Stone. Museum. Dumplings... RIGHT!
I'll go get some rope
Come to where the flavour is...
Preparing for a trip
Helping daddy with his motorbike
Strong Tibetan woman
Hiding behind daddy
Tibetan man feeding a horse
Family in the street
Say bye to daddy
Cute friends
Three upper class Tibetan women
Preparing the horses
Homeward bound
Two little calfs...
The Friendship Highway towards Kathmandu
The owner's picknicking nearby
One of many old strategic forts
Another old fort
Green valleys among arid mountains
Brown, just brown
Green valley
A herd in the middle of nowhere
Tiny truck in empty plain
Windy road
Shepherd and herd on the altiplano
The altiplano
Hard to get up there!
Yes, very logically planned road...
Friendship highway
A lonesome donkey in empty plains
No sign of life kilometres around this donkey
Monk at Lakpa La pass, 5250 m.
Tibetan monk at Lakpa La
Monk's dwelling at 5250 m.
Wind driver prayer wheels
Highest point at 5250 m.
Prayer flags at Lakpa La
Road ahead
At Lakpa La 5250 m.
At lakpa la 5250 m.
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