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Gallery arrow  Asia - China - Trekking around Shangri-la
Characteristic window
Colourful facade
Lonely monk
Monks on pilgrimage 21st century
Playing a tune on pilgrimage
Adventurous monk
In Da Bao monastery old animals are taken care of
Monks at Da Bao monastery
Monk at Da Bao monastery
Da Bao monastery
More prayer flags
Tibetan inscriptions, centuries old
Loads of prayer flags
Prayer flags
Monks on pilgrimage
Natural beauty unaffected
Horses in the meadow
Large fence
On her way home
Carrying wood
Constructing a stable
What are those strange people doing here?
Front gate of Tibetan home
Facade and courtyard
Staring at the unexpected guests
Way up in a traditional Tibetan house
Poking up the fire
Traditional house's interior
Watching those strange foreigners
Yak cheese
Barley wheat to put in your yak butter tea
Pouring the yak butter tea
Grandfather and his granddaughter
Pots and pans
Proudly admiring their gifts
Colourful gate
Resting from work
Fierce dog
Hay drying tools
Ingenious construction
The creek
Picturesque bridge
Colourfully dressed shephard girl
Wild boar
Women we met on the way
The creek below us
Prayer flags
Xiagei hot springs thermal baths: relieving stressed legs
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