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Gallery arrow  Europe - Estonia - Tartu
One of the few words in Estonian that I understood: kelder and klooster..
The main square of Tartu..
The main square of Tartu again..
The centre, we're heading for a bar..
Thought you had a GTV Holger, not an MGA
Holger's and Karin's place, really really nice..
Karin and Holger..
Tartu University..
Spying Russians obviously, they're everywhere!.
This age-old gun powder chamber is now a bar with a nice and warm ambience..
as you can see..
Hilly Tartu..
The partially reconstructed cathedral..
It“s really huge!.
“Entrance” to the cathedral..
Indeed the standard version looks too louzy. Without pimping your Cayenne, you do not count here..
Holgers office is up there. Been there the next morning (see last photos)..
View over the river..
Old merchants ship that has been rebuild according to drawings and stories..
Everything is possible here: take a bath in hot tub on the river..
We have been watching a movie inside the boat. Movie was crap, the experience great!.
River view by night..
What was the bar called again? Has the worst reputation in town. It was awesome, haha!.
View over Tartu..
Holger and me..
View over Tartu..
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