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Gallery arrow  Europe - Serbia - Nis
Old rusty steam loc at the Nis trainstation..
Nis shopping street..
Ottoman fortress entry gate..
The Morava river flowing through Nis..
Bridge over the Morava river..
Fisherman at the Morava river..
Playground in front of Ottoman fortifications in Nis..
Ottoman influence in Nis..
Detail of windows in an Ottoman style building in Nis..
Forests and mountains between Nis and the Bulgarian border..
My train coupe companions: two Hungarians..
An Italian..
She actually spole dutch (well, flemish)..
A canadian just training with his interrail ticket, since his atm card was blocked, waiting for his mom to unblock it..
Mitko, a Bulgarian student from Sofia, that offered me to stay in his flat..
Mountaineous region around the Serbian-Bulgarian border..
On the way to the Bulgarian border..
Southern Serbian country side around Pirot..
Serbian countryside around Pirot, southern Serbia..
Railway crossing warnings in Serbia...
Overlooking the southern Serbian countryside around Pirot..
Football pitch near Pirot, southern Serbia..
Cottage around Dimitrovgrad, southern Serbia..
Dimotrovgrad houses..
Chopping wood around Dimitrovgrad, soutern Serbia..
Backyards around Dimitrovgrad, southern Serbia..
Burned fields in south-eastern Serbia..
Border control at Dimitrovgrad-Gradina border control. This picture nearly costed me my camera. The tools in his hands are to open the coupe wall covers, to look for smuggled goods..
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